Tuesday, October 30, 2012


One of the CZTs who took the training seminar back in Providence, Rhode Island, with me daily posts on Facebook three things for which he is grateful. I love reading his posts because of the variety he (and all of his friends who add to the list through their comments) come up with. For the majority of those who share, it's not only big things that inspire the gratitude. Frequently, it is the small things that bring joy and happiness and contentment. A cup of coffee, a chat with a friend, a good book, a rainbow, or a walk outdoors with the dog. It is good to remember that and make a practice of expressing gratitude even for the everyday little ways that our lives are blessed.

However, there are times when it IS a big thing for which we need to express our gratitude. In light of the horrendous damage caused by Hurricane Sandy and the superstorm it became, I am grateful that the loss of life thus far seems to be fairly limited. I am grateful that so many first responders and emergency personnel are willing to give so much of themselves. I am grateful that there was substantial advance warning about the ferocity of the storm, so that as many people as did got out of harm's way, even if their homes were subjected to the destuctive forces they were. I am grateful that, as a country, we are resilient and will work together to help those now in need.

God bless those who have been displaced, injured, or left without a means to earn a living in the aftermath of the storm. May they soon know some peace and may they be comforted.

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  1. Well said, Ann. Grateful for all of the blessings in my life.