Sunday, October 14, 2012

Zentangle® buddies - we shopped till we dropped!

On Saturday, I had the delightful opportunity to go shopping with Jenny, a CZT from Australia. She and I are alums of the 10th Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminar. Since the seminar ended a few weeks ago, Jenny and her spouse have been traveling across the U.S. Late last week they arrived for a final stop in the Seattle area before heading home. Fortunately, that's close to my home turf, and we made arrangements to meet in the middle to go shopping. But not just any shopping...

I have to say, most emphatically, I am NOT normally a shopper. However, this was a perfect opportunity to help Jenny hit the arts and crafts stores in our area. These bastions of all-things-creative offer more varieties of more products at better prices than what she has access to at home. And amazingly, she arrived here with some space remaining in her suitcase. Just right for some special bargains. So, off we went, and went, and went, to store after store.

The advantage of shopping with a fellow Zentangle afficionado is that you both can't help but look at the merchandise on the bulging shelves with an eye to tangling possibilities. And there were many. We had quite the synergystic buddy system going on, one playing off the other and each one seeing and sharing ideas from funny to fantastic. Each time we reached the check-out line, I could have sworn that some of our numerous goodies must have just leapt into our shopping cart (or trolley, to Jenny) of their own accord when we weren't looking.

Eventually, darkness fell, the stores began to close, and, actually, our feet gave out. Our excellent adventure had come to an end.

By close of the day, Jenny and I both had a load of potential tangling targets bagged and ready to go.  Our imaginations had run wild, for a while at least, and I think we are now set for a long winter (or summer, in Jenny's case) of tangling. The best part is that every time I work on one of these projects, I'll be thinking of Jenny and the fastastic time we spent together. What a blessing!

Safe travels back to the Land Down Under, Jenny...


  1. So wonderful! You are going to have to post some pictures as you create tangles on some of your own finds!