Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tangling with the gourds

Happy Fall!!! I was shopping in the produce section recently and strolled past the display with all sorts and colors of gourds piled high. My Zentangle® brain kicked in a little late, so I had to do an about-face with the cart before homing in on my targets.

Got to love that Identipen as a tangling tool. Here's what emerged a day or so after my jaunt to the store. So much fun, I plan to do more this weekend!

I found that the surface being a little rough and uneven naturally created some wavy lines where I planned for straight. But in the end, and in true Zentangle fashion, there is no right or wrong, and you just go with it if you get something you didn't expect. I actually liked the personality that emerged due to the more challenging surface.

So head for your local grocery, farmers' market, or produce stand and grab some ornamental pumpkins or gourds. Then tangle away!

This would be a fun activity at a harvest or Halloween party. Let me know if you try it!


  1. These are so great. There is a hair salon hat I walk past every day to work. It is decorated in pinks and blacks and even has some pink pumpkins. Every time I walk by I want to go in and steal one to tangle on! Now I want to do it even more!

  2. Well, go grab one (nicely) and offer to tangle it for them. And leave them a stack of business cards while you are at it! (And yes, initially I sent a reply instead of posting. Darn SEND button!)

  3. Your gourds are works of art! I was not picturing anything like what you have done. They are beyond beautiful!

  4. Why thank you very much. I have tangled 2 larger gourds recently, each of which has probably 10 or so different tangle patterns on them, and I tried not to repeat from one to the other. I'll post pictures soon!