Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A beautiful book to inform and inspire

Recently Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas self-published a book that was a long time coming. After all the helpful and interesting books that have been written and published about the art form of Zentangle®, it was time to hear from (and see) what the original Tanglers themselves wanted to share with all of us.

The Book of Zentangle is a work of art in itself. Filled with delightful and complex tangles and images in both black and white and full color, this is a book to pick up again and again, to hold and enjoy. The book gives some background into what Zentangle is, how it came to be, a bit about how to get started in the practice of this art form, as well as stories, comments, and anecdotes from those who have benefited in many ways from learning to tangle.

The Book of Zentangle is presently available from CZTs (like me) or on I invite you to take a look between the covers, into this wonderful world of visual treats. Have to say, this is one book that I'm glad isn't made for an e-reader!

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