Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Bijou! Do you Bijou?

Have you met Bijou, the newest member of the Zentangle® family? Here's a peak to enjoy.  Introducing Bijou!

And watch Bijou tangle...

If you would like to tangle a la Bijou, I've got tins of darling Bijou tiles available. The tiles are the same wonderful Fabriano Tiepolo paper used for the original Zentangle tiles. Love the feel of this paper, and the way the pigment ink flows so nicely onto it from the Sakura Pigma Micron pens.

(And in case you are wondering, this little French one's name is pronounced "Bee-joooo.")

Z'Art to me!

Have you ever wanted to draw or paint or create, but felt intimidated by what others might think of your art? I've felt that way. I don't have an art degree, can't seem to remember all of the principles of composition and design, and have a day job that limits the time I have to exercise my artistic creativity.

But I find beauty, joy, and appreciation in a wide variety of visual treats. Something as simple as new crayons, with their unused points still sharp and colors spilling out of the box, lifts my spirits and makes me feel like a kid again. A well-composed photograph of a gorgeous sunset over the Cascade Mountains or Puget Sound, with myriad colors splashed across a cloud-streaked sky like a bucket of paint, gives me a sense of wonder and awe. The feel of an artisan pottery mug in my hand, sturdy, solid, and well-balanced, makes my morning tea or coffee a particularly comforting experience.

A unique Christmas ornament fashioned from a juice can lid, some red lace, and a miniature photo of a small child, glued together with love, if not precision, is art in my book. No, it won't win critical acclaim, but it is from the heart. I think all art comes from the heart, and I think it's important for us to express our art, to let it out, whatever form it takes.

To me, art is all about the emotions that it evokes in both those who create it and those who view it. Regardless of whether or not it always appeals to my particular preferences, I appreciate the effort and emotion that each artist puts into her or his creations, and I try to look with non-judgmental eyes. I hope that others will do the same for you and for me, and that we will each dare to express the art inside us.

Whatever the media, whatever the skill level, if it comes from the heart, it's art to me.