Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Have tiles, will tangle...

Sometimes tangling is an activity of stolen moments and opportunity. Waiting for a doctor's appointment. In between the kids' soccer games and dance lessons. In the long line at the Department of Licensing (at least in Washington state). During intermission at the theatre. Before your staff meeting starts. Waiting for paint to dry...

So, what's a great way to travel with tiles? There's always a zip-lock bag, but I've got something better. A Go-Tangle! It's a pocket-sized plastic carrying case that comes with eight official 3.5 x 3.5 inch Zentangle® tiles. Add a Sakura Micron pen, and you are set, with your special artwork safely stowed to go.

In a purse. In a pocket. In a backpack. In the glove compartment of the car. Pick up a Go-Tangle and go! 

These little guys are $9 each (plus sales tax), and I've got 'em. Just zap me an email, and I'll see that you have what you need. Great for a stocking stuffer!

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