Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Woohoo! Sign up for Zentangle® classes for summer and early fall!

Time to register for a new round of Zentangle® classes! Come and join the fun. Discover your inner artist while increasing your focus. If you are already an artsy person, add Zentangle to your creative tool box. And remember, "anything is possible... one stroke at a time."™  
  • All classes listed here are on Saturdays in Woodinville, WA, from 1 to 3 pm unless otherwise noted.
  • All classes are $35 each (unless otherwise noted), which includes supplies for the class.
The 101 Basics class is the prerequisite for any/all of the Beyond the Basics classes. The BTB classes are all independent and have no additional prereqs. So you can pick and choose from what piques your interest.

July 12101 Basics - Learn basics including how to start, what materials to use, the philosophy behind the method, and official patterns to tangle.

July 19 - Beyond the Basics - "On the Grid" - Concentrates on a variety of grid-based tangles to add to your tangle repertoire and how to play with your grids. By the way, if you think Knightsbridge is too simple a tangle to be interesting, join me for this class and I bet you'll change your mind!

August 9 - 101 Basics 

August 16 - Beyond the Basics - "White on Black" - Explore tangling beyond the basics with white tools on black tiles. Create some striking results with this "reverse" tangling!

September 20 - 101 Basics 

September 27 - Beyond the Basics - "Grow an Organic Tangle Garden" -  **1 to 4 pm - $45 - This 3-hour class includes an opportunity to learn several "organic" tangles and then plant your own tangle garden. This class runs a little longer so that you can increase your repertoire of organic tangles, and still have time to grow your garden.

October 18 - 101 Basics 

October 25 - Beyond the Basics - "Made to Shade" -  **$50, includes supplies and your own copy of "Made in the Shade" book by Cris Letourneau - Focuses on shading tools and options.
Contact me at zartfullytangled@gmail.com to let me know which classes you would like to attend!

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